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    The objective of this project is to enhance the quality of vocational training in order to turn it into a driver against poverty. The Koutiala and Kalaban Coura women’s training centres (CAFé), the Missabougou and Badougou Djoliba vocational training centres and Kayes’ Institute of vocational and industrial training (IFPI) are supported by the project with a specific focus on the agri-food processing, auto mechanics and metal construction curricula.

    The project’s main axes of intervention consist of supporting the centres in:

    • The introduction of modern management tools
    • The development of income-generating activities
    • The development and implementation or revision of programs following the competency-based approach
    • The training of trainers
    • The procurement of equipment
    • The implementation of actions to ensure the access and retention of girls in vocation training
    • The youth socio-professional integration and entrepreneurship

    The main results thus far achieved are:

    • The adoption of new management practices by the centres’ managers, following the trainings, coaching and technical support offered
    • The improvement of the training offer through the development and implementation of an agri-food processing program in the Koutiala and Kalaban Coura CAFé
    • The improvement of teaching practices and adoption of new innovative practices
    • The improvement of the quality of teaching in the targeted professions considering the trainings on technical topics and the procurement of specialized equipment
    • The development and implementation of 5 income-generating activities in the centres in order to strengthen their financial autonomy and to offer a suitable practice framework to the learners
    • The use of tools for the socio-professional integration by the centres’ socio-professional units

    the Government of Canada and provided through Global Affairs Canada (GAC) <br> For the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training in Mali

    Funded by the Government of Canada and provided through Global Affairs Canada (GAC)
    For the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training in Mali


    CAD 8,211,597
    Project value and amount paid to Éducation internationale
    date du projet
    2015 — 2021
    Duration of the project
    Beneficiary learners
    Trained and accompanied managers
    In partnership with
    2 departments

    and 5 school institutions

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