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    This project is implemented by Laval University in partnership with Éducation internationale and Collège Boréal with the objective of improving the agricultural training offer in order to contribute to food security in Mali. The project supports 8 Malian educational institutions in development and implementation of the training programs, using the competency-based approach, in the agro-sylvo-pastoral curricula, and in the capacity building of the trainers and the institutional capacities for management and governance of these institutions.

    In vocational training, project has so far allowed:

    • The implementation of the CAPA (Certificate of Professional Competence in Agriculture) using the competency-based approach in 3 agricultural training centres (Samanko, Samé and Dioro)
    • The implementation of market gardening and poultry farming curricula in 3 vocational training centres (Missabougou, Badougou Djoliba and Yorosso)
    • The introduction of essential equipment to teaching and learning in the 3 agricultural training centres and the 3 vocational training centres
    • The capacity building of the partner centres’ trainers in the competency-based approach pedagogy
    • The capacity building of the centres’ members of management in leadership and educational supervision, in quality control and assurance
    • The training of trainers and members of management of the agricultural training centres in gender equality
    • The implementation of procedures and management tools, leadership, educational supervision and quality control in the partner centres
    • The implementation of income-generating activities’ procedures and management tools in the partner centres

    This project’s expected long-term results are:

    • A sustainable increase of the food security in Mali for the benefit of its population
    • An improvement of the offer and access to qualifying technical and vocational trainings that meet the needs of the Malian labour market
    • An improvement of the skills and employability profiles of the agricultural training programs’ graduates

    the Government of Canada <br> Provided through Global Affairs Canada (GAC)

    Funded by the Government of Canada
    Provided through Global Affairs Canada (GAC)


    CAD 21,500,000
    Total value of the project
    CAD 3,143,100
    Amount paid to Éducation internationale
    (with Laval University, lead partner)
    date du projet
    2014 — 2021
    Duration of the project
    Trained and accompanied teachers
    Beneficiary students
    In partnership with
    4 departments

    Basic education and literacy


    Vocationnel training and employability


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