Comparative evaluation for studies done outside Québec

For a student to be admitted in a vocational training center in Quebec, the institution must obtain a comparative evaluation for studies done outside Québec, delivered by the  ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles du Québec.

The processing time for the comparative evaluation is several months. However, thanks to an agreement signed between Éducation internationale, the ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport du Québec, and the ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles du Québec, requests for comparative evaluations which are routed through Éducation internationale enjoy a priority treatment. At present, Éducation internationale deals with several hundred files each year for its members.


Éducation internationale can deal directly with requests for comparative evaluations on behalf of students it has recruited in connection with its Québec Jobs of the Future recruitment service.

In other cases, Éducation internationale will ask member institutions that they forward the files of students wishing to be admitted to their centres. The centre is responsible for carrying out a pre-analysis of the file to be sure that it complies with norms and procedures. All vocational education centres may avail themselves of the training sessions provided by Éducation internationale regarding these administrative procedures, and members can take advantage of Education internationale’s advisory services to assist them in this task.

Please note that, due to the high number of comparative evaluation requests we receive, Education internationale is only able to proceed duly completed applications.  Incomplete or non-compliant applications will be returned to the vocational trainings centres.

The submission procedure is as follows:

  • Using a computer: complete, print and sign the Form to request a comparative evaluation of studies outside Québec.
  • Using a computer : complete, print and sign the Form for payment by credit card to pay the fee required to process your request for a comparative evaluation of for studies done outside Québec by the MICC. At present, fees are $113 Canadian per file (as of January 1, 2014 – subject to change without notice). You may also pay by certified cheque, postal money order or banking institution money order, payable to the ministre des Finances du Québec. Note that personal cheques will not be accepted.
  • Using a computer: complete print and sign the Power of Attorney form for Éducation internationale so that we may follow-up with the MICC regarding your request for a comparative evaluation for studies done outside Québec.
  • It is essential to scan all documents listed under the following point, in the order they are presented, and to send them to the following address: This way, Education internationale can perform a pre-evaluation of the file, thus avoiding having to send the same documents more than once for the same file. 
  • Send  the following documents to Éducation internationale using priority mail services. Our mailing address is: Éducation internationale, Recrutement international, 301 rue des Peupliers Est, Bureau A, Québec, Québec, Canada, G1L 1S6.
         - Form to request a comparative evaluation for studies done outside Québec
         - Photocopy of birth certificate or valid passport
         - originals or copies, certified by the institution or the authorities responsible for the diploma, to be evaluated  (last diploma received) and transcripts:
         - If the diploma has been granted, provide the diploma and its transcripts
         - If the diploma has not yet been granted, provide transcripts from the last 2 years
         - If applicable, attestations of vocational work placements/internships that are part of the official educational curricuylum leading to a diploma.
         - A translation of these documents if they are not originally in French or English .
         - Anofficial document certifying any difference between the name of the student and the name on his or her diplomas and transcripts.
         - Form fofr payment by credit card or certified cheque.
         - Power of Attorney form
    for Éducation internationale.

You can consult this checklist to make sure you have a complete file to be sent to Education internationale.

When the completed file has been received by Éducation internationale, an acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to you via email. Thereafter, please allow roughly 4 weeks before receiving, via email from the MICC, the official letter of comparative Evaluation for studies done outside Québec.