Member services

Éducation internationale offers a full range of services to its members to recruit international students in vocational and technical education.

Advisory services, tools and training

The Cooperative offers advisory services to its members to assist them in carrying out the recruitment, welcoming and integration of international students into their educational institutions.

Guides and tools are also available to member institutions in the Members only section.

Training sessions on the topics of recruitment, making students welcome and students integration are also available. For further information, go to the Training section.

Comparative evaluation of studies outside Québec

To admit a student to vocational training, the vocational training centre must get a comparative Evaluation of studies completed outside Québec, delivered by the ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion du Québec.

Obtaining this comparative evaluation may require several months. However, due to an agreement signed between Éducation internationale, the ministère de l’Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur du Québec, and the ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion du Québec, the requests for comparative Evaluations of studies outside Québec routed through Éducation internationale enjoy priority treatment of 15 business days. At present, Éducation internationale deals with several hundreds of applications each year for its members. Go to the Comparative Evaluation of studies section for more details.

Merit scholarships for international students in vocation education

Éducation internationale manages a Merit scholarship program for international students wishing to attend vocational education in Quebec and which is funded by the ministère de l’Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur du Québec.

For further details about this program, go to the Merit scholarships section.

Québec Jobs of the Future recruitment service

Éducation internationale is pleased to offer its members a comprehensive international students recruitment for which the Cooperative bears all financial risks.  Éducation internationale consolidates the training offer of its members who give it the mandate to recruit on their behalf, carry out the recruitment using various means (international agreements, recruitment missions, recruiting agencies, promotional web campaigns, etc.) and performs all the legal follow-up with students in order to facilitate their transition to the Quebec vocational training system. 

This turnkey service has clear advantages for members as it enables them, among other things, to avoid having to commit human resources to international recruitment activities.

For further details about this service, go to the Québec Jobs of the Future recruitment service section.

Group insurance program for international students

It is important to ensure that international students have the relevant insurance coverage so as to protect themselves as well as their educational institution.  Indeed, the institution has the responsibility for ensuring that students have proper insurance coverage.

For this reason, Éducation internationale has set up a group insurance program for international students, which offers coverage at a reasonable cost. Moreover, it was designed so as to be user-friendly for our members.

For further details on this program, go to the Insurance section.

Representations for regulations

Since 2006, Éducation internationale has been active making presentations to regulators so that the rules and procedures governing international students in vocational training are as favourable as possible.

In recent years, Éducation internationale has achieved the following: 

·         Establishment of a fast-track process for obtaining comparative evaluations for studies outside Québec, thereby greatly speeding up the admission process for international students

·         Post-graduate work permit made available to international students who have completed their studies in vocational education in Quebec.

·         Revised selection process for permanent immigration, allowing and acilitating immigration for international students who have completed their studies in vocational education in Quebec.

Éducation internationale carries on its representation activities and gives priority to the following issues:

·         Further speeding up the fast-track process for getting comparative evaluations for studies completed outside Québec

·         Making off-campus work permits accessible to international students enrolled in vocational education in Quebec.

In addition, Éducation internationale takes part in meetings and committees dealing with international student issues for the purpose of staying abreast of changes to administrative procedures concerning international students to learn more about international recruitment initiatives of both federal and provincial governments and to advance the demands of its members.