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Why recruit international students in vocational and technical education?

In circumstances where Québec is lacking qualified workers in many sectors requiring vocational and technical training and where, due to an inadequate number of registrations, the survival of some training programs is in jeopardy, it stands to reason that we must act swiftly. In fact, almost 740,000 jobs will be available in Québec from now through 2014 and a large number of these can be filled by people who have vocational and technical training. With student numbers down, several vocational training centres and colleges, especially in outlying areas, have trouble getting some of their cohorts started while others have to be content to offer some of their programs only once a year.

As a result, recruiting international students seems to be an effective solution, especially where populations are declining, to help maintain a viable training offer in several of Québec’s regions, as well as responding to the need for qualified workers.

Recruiting international students can also be one means of making up for the shortage of registrations to start a program and to keep viable a training offer which would otherwise disappear. It could also make it possible to increase the proportion of qualified workers if these students moved into the labour market after completing their studies or were they to decide to stay in Québec as permanent workers.

Apart from ensuring the sustainability of certain programs in vocational and technical education, and contributing to the urgent needs of the Québec workforce, recruiting international students is also, culturally and socially, a paying proposition. Welcoming and integrating students who arrive from various countries and who belong to a multiplicity of cultures is both a challenge and an opportunity to open up to the world for those who participate directly or indirectly in the process of recruiting and integrating international students in their communities.