Our services

Éducation internationale offers the following mobility services:

  • A team of international mobility experts who can support Quebe schools in their student exchange initiatives
  • Echanges Azimut : exchange programs for Quebec secondary school students in other Canadian provinces, Spain, France, Germany ans Mexico, one to six-month professional and linguistic internships in Spain for college and university students,one year exchanges programs for primary and secondary school teachers.

  • Mobility bursaries for vocational training students and teachers
  • Training on international mobility
  • Participation to the "Réseau québécois des Écoles associées de l’UNESCO de niveau primaire et secondaire"
  • Partnerships with foreign-based organisations and schools through Education internationale's network

Key statistics:

  • More than 1000 secondary school students have already participated to an exchange program with Education internationale
  • More than 700 vocational training students have received a financial contribution from Education internationale to undertake a professional intership abroad
  • 20 primary and secondary school teachers travel abroad each year to teach for a period of one year

Taking part in Education internationale's programs means benefiting from the expertise of a full network!