International Delegates

Members of Education internationale should identify one person to assume the function of an international delegate within their organisation. The international delegate will be the reference person for Education internationale. 

Please consult the list of present international delegates to find information about your international delegates (only available in French: liste des délégués internationaux.)


The international delegate, as it is the case for the director general, will receive all communications from Education internationale. The delegate has the responsibility to transfer the information to concerned personnel within their organisation. This task is an important one among Education internationale's institutional members so that staff from the departments, schools and centers can be aware of opportunities available to them through Education internationale. 

If time allows, the international delegate should also support and advise his/her colleagues who wish to benefit from Education internationale's services. In order to be able to provide this advisory service, the international delegate should also attend the Cooperative's training activities, symposium, thematic days, etc. Participating in these various events would ensure he/she has all the latest information about Education internationale's services; and it is in an opportunity for international delegates to share experiences and practices with other members of the Cooperative.