About us

Founded in 2001, Éducation internationale is a not-for-profit cooperative which offers exchange and development services in education. When they founded the cooperative, Quebec school boards and its associated organisations created a single window to open up the Quebec schooling system to the international scene and to assist students in becoming citizens of the world.

Éducation internationale’s membership is composed of the majority of Quebec’s Francophone and Anglophone school boards. Our membership extends to associations and organizations which provide services to school boards, as well as institutions, cegeps and private colleges. The cooperative’s annual revenue exceeds 3 million dollars. The ministère de l’Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES) du Québec grants an annual subsidy to the cooperative to cover a part of its operating costs.

Strategy for the internationalisation of education

Services of our cooperative align with the four priority areas of the Strategy for the internationalisation of education of the ministère de l’Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur du Québec:

·         Integrate an international perspective into program content

·         Increase and facilitate mobility of people and knowledge

·         Export Quebec’s know-how

·         Ensure representation on the international scene

Intervention areas of the Cooperative

Education internationale’s activities are organised along three intervention areas, inspired from the Strategy for the internationalisation of education of the ministère de l’Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur du Québec:

·         International mobility : student and teacher exchanges.
This consists in increasing exchange opportunities and promoting international networking of Quebec-based educational institutions.

·         International development : exporting Quebec’s know-how in education.

This consists in implementing international development projects, primarily in Africa and Latin America, and funded by international financial institutions and agencies such as Global Affairs Canada and the World Bank.

·         International recruitment
This consists in favouring recruitment of international students by promoting the educational offer in technical and vocational training in Quebec.


Offer and coordinate high quality services to bring together, support and represent our members in their activities aiming at internationalising education.


Increase and diversify opportunities to internationalise education across Quebec’s school boards networks and colleges. 

Beliefs and values

Our Beliefs Our Values
To ensure the proper development of the organization, we believe:  
...that collaboration, consultation, sharing and a sense of belonging are essential elements for cooperation ... Cooperation
...that quality, efficiency and rigour in our work are our pledge to excellent services ... Excellence
...that transparency, honesty, fairness, respect, integrity and consistency are the essential elements that must govern our actions ... Code of ethics

Offre de services

La qualité et la diversité de l’offre de services de la Coopérative envers ses membres est rendue possible grâce aux nombreuses activités autofinancées initiées et gérées par la Coopérative. Les revenus générés par ces activités permettent de financer les salaires de huit des quatorze employés de la Coopérative, ainsi que les frais de développement des trois départements.

Ces revenus proviennent des bénéficiaires directs des services offerts par la Coopérative, soit principalement des élèves, des étudiants, des enseignants et des organisations membres de la Coopérative.